Canada’s 9 Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders

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2. Cathedral Grove: British Columbia

Looking for a big cuddly tree to hug? This old growth forest on Vancouver Island might be the place for you. Just don’t expect to get your arms all the way around the trunk of an ancient Douglas fir tree. Some trees in Cathedral Grove, a cluster of the giant variety of trees in MacMillan Provincial Park, are as old as 800 years and measure as much as nine metres in circumference. How’s that for a cuddle partner?

3. Dinosaur Provincial Park: Alberta

Whether you’re a natural history buff or just a Jurassic Park fan, you’re bound to be thrilled by a walk through Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park, also known as one of the world’s biggest dinosaur graveyards. Seventy-five million years ago, southern Alberta was a thriving hub of pre-historic life which included fish, amphibians, reptiles, primitive mammals and dinosaurs. When many of these animals died in river channels and mud flats, their bones were buried in layers of sand and mud and eventually fossilized. In addition to nearly 500 species of animal life, Dinosaur Provincial Park’s fossil assemblage includes an astounding 40 species of dinosaurs, not to mention more than 500 dinosaur specimens.

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