If All You Meet Are Losers, Players, And Douchebags, Ask Yourself These Questions

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Your experiences in dating haven’t been so great and you keep finding yourself with the same toxic dudes over and over again. If you’re constantly left wondering where you’re going wrong, ask yourself these 11 questions to gain some insight.


How’s your sense of self? Is it solid and understood by you or is it mushy and easily manipulated by others? The more pliable your personality, the more prone you are to being with people who will manipulate you. It’s good to work with this question and try to do some exercises that will help you with your sense of self. Some examples are therapy, journaling, self-help groups, and meditation.


Can you honestly say that you love yourself, or are you battered by the constant voices in your head that say you aren’t enough? If you find that your self-esteem is low, know that this attracts the type of people you’re wondering why you’re with. The whole “you accept the love you think you deserve” thing is true. To improve your self-esteem, practice self-care and start doing nice things for yourself. Esteemable acts build self-esteem. Sounds corny but it’s true.

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