If You’re Seeing These Signs, Stop Trying To Fix Your Relationship And Let It Die

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Being in a relationship that you fear has hit a dead-end isn’t easy. Although your friends might tell you to GTFO, you might be torn between leaving and making things work. Here’s how to tell if you should stop making an effort and let this thing die:


It used to bug you a little when your boyfriend chatted to his ex, but now it’s so infuriating! You’ve grown to dread hearing her name come up in conversation. But take a deep breath and ask yourself if you’re fearing their friendship out of paranoia, or if at the heart of it you feel you can’t trust your boyfriend. If it’s the latter, then it could be time to get out.


Everyone goes through some drama, and the support of a romantic partner can make all the difference in dealing with it. But maybe this isn’t small drama — it could be something huge that can’t be fixed quickly, such as massive debt or a drug addiction. If so many of your resources are going towards trying to help your partner but he never helps himself, then you shouldn’t waste another minute with him.


You might think an affair makes a relationship stronger, but that’s one piece of dating advice that needs to die a quick death. If he betrayed you, you shouldn’t be doing anything to make the relationship work. He’s got to pull his weight here. If he doesn’t or you just can’t seem to get over what he’s done, do yourself a favor and get over him.

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