I’m So Glad I Didn’t Meet My Forever Person Young—Here’s Why

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Most of the girls I knew in high school are raising kids, setting the course for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, I’m over here living in a parallel single-chick universe. The idea of coming home to a husband and a pack of adorable rugrats still seems like some esoteric grownup thing I’m not yet ready to hack. And frankly, I prefer it that way. Here’s why I’m thankful I didn’t settle young:


What can I say? There are so many attractive men in this world. I’ve dated all my fantasy guys—with varying degrees of seriousness—down to the most specific detail. From the mischievous ginger to the tattooed, literature-loving weightlifter, I’ve satisfied every superficial craving. In the long run, I discovered that my standards somewhat mismatched what I truly need in a life partner, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t having a blast at the time.


Now that I’m a little older, I refuse to be with a man who lacks potential for the long haul. I’m ready for my perfect match. It’s time to begin the next stage of my life’s adventure, and for me, that means a serious commitment. Still, I think there’s a lot to be said for “getting it out of your system” when you’re young. I’ll never have to play the “what if” game as I get older.

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