Love vs. Lust: 12 Differences You Should Know

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How do you differentiate love and lust? You might be too consumed by your relationship now that you actually cannot identify what you truly feel for your partner.

If the reason why you wanted to be with the person was because you were attracted to his/her being ‘hot’, then maybe it was not really love that brought you together. Probably, it was only the thrill of owning someone that could satisfy your needs and fantasies.

Here are 12 differences between love and lust that you should know to find out if you’re really in love with your partner or just physically attracted to him/her. 

1. Love is person-centered; lust is pleasure-centered

With love, fulfillment comes from giving what you have for the betterment of a person. You are fulfilled when you see that person happy and doing good in life.

With lust, you just want to be with the person for the gratification of your needs. This fulfillment comes from committing sensual activities to quench your sexual desires. You feel fulfilled when you experience pleasure through these acts together with that person.

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