Southern California’s Haunted Hiking Trails

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Remote areas sometimes have a tendency to be creepy. They’re often desolate, and nature prevails. The crackling of twigs can lead imaginative hikers to wonder whether they’re really all alone out there, or if there is, perhaps, someone or something else. Even for those who don’t believe in the supernatural, Southern California‘s lore and legend can be chilling. Here are six hikes for those who like a good fright.

1. Black Star Canyon

Black Star Canyon in Silverado is something of a local legend. It was the site of a bloody battle in 1831 between a group of Native Americans and a group of fur trappers, in which several Native Americans were killed. (This battle, however, according to some investigations, may be just legend.) Other lore paints the Canyon as the site of Satanic rituals in the 1980s, and where a man named James Gregg was fatally shot by a man over a financial dispute in 1899. Those who seek out the Canyon find themselves surrounded by beautiful wilderness, marred by an overturned school bus that, for some reason, rests on its side on the ground.

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