Spider-Man’s 10 Best Costumes Of All Time

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While Spider-Man is best known for his iconic red and blue costume, he has also spent a considerable amount of time over the years dressed in different sets of attire for a variety of reasons. In some instances, Spider-Man has needed to technologically enhance his costume to stand a better chance against an adversary, and on other occasions, he stumbled upon his new duds purely by accident. And that’s not even taking into account the times Marvel put Spider-Man in a new suit just for the fun of it (not to mention the sales bump such editorial decisions often bring to a series).

In a┬ápromotional image used to market the Spider-centric miniseries and event, Spider-Verse, Spider-Man’s entire costumed history was put on display, including some of the more obscure outfits worn by Spideys from alternative Marvel timelines (Spider-Man India or Spider-Man Fairy Tales, anyone?).

This list looks at the 10 best Spider-Man costumes (as featured in the Spider-Verse promotion) and ranks them based on their significance within the Spider-Man universe, and the broader world of comic book fandom.

10. The Amazing Bagman

Not a practical superhero costume by any stretch, writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz managed to create one of comic book history’s greatest visual gags when Peter Parker was forced to become the Amazing Bagman. Peter acquires these inglorious duds in Amazing Spider-Man #258 when he visits the Fantastic Four in their Baxter Building headquarters to inquire about the strange new black costume that he had picked up in Marvel Secret Wars #8.

Upon studying the costume, Reed Richards determines it is an alien symbiote and that Spider-Man should get rid of it right away. Unfortunately, Spider-Man isn’t prepared for such a scenario, and didn’t pack a back-up costume. Because Spidey still cherishes his secret identity, Johnny Storm, ever the prankster, pulls an old Fantastic Four costume out of storage and provides Spidey with a paper bag to cover his face (a “kick me” sign on the back is the cherry on top).

On the way home, Spidey stops a crime as the new Amazing Bagman, proving he could still be a hero, even when he looks like a jerk. Despite being designed as a one-off joke, the costume has persevered.

The Amazing Bagman skin is an unlockable item in a few Spider-Man video games, and the get-up is still alive and well on the cosplay circuit.

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