The 5 best child, infant, and stroller friendly hikes in Northern New Jersey

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Let’s face it, in 2017 you want to get outside and into nature more. With a stressful and often worrying 2016 out of the way, there’s no better time to disconnect from the pressures of technology and the anxiety of news and get back to the outdoors. If you have children, especially ones who aren’t yet mobile, getting on the trails can be a challenge. In the six months we’ve had the twins, here are a few of the best places to get into nature without killing your back in Northern New Jersey.

1. Loantaka — Morristown

Loantaka, a popular bike trail works great for a longer walk with a stroller too. There are over 3 miles of flat, paved or compacted paths that wind through the woods, over a few little wooden bridges, and loop back around to whichever parking lot you choose. With the dense wooded surroundings, it’s easy to feel you are alone in the woods — until your child starts screaming for food. On weekends in the early afternoon it does tend to get very crowded with other strollers, so walking through can become something like riding in a taxi in Bangladesh. Just like there, be careful with your gestures. After, hop over to The Office tavern in downtown (the Green) Morristown for some liquid refreshment and decent food.

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