The Batman: 10 Things Fans Demand

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While the likes of Scott Snyder or Tom King’s recent runs on the Batman comic and animation like Batman: Ninja have managed to captivate the imagination of fans of the Caped Crusader, there has not been a strong live-action bat-presence since Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy concluded in 2012. The character has obviously been seen in the more divisive Batman Vs Superman and Justice League, but with Matt Reeves currently in the process of making a new Batman film a reality this may (finally) no longer be a problem.

The Batman seen in recent films hasn’t been as warmly recieved as previous big-screen incarnations of the character, most notably due to the “Martha” scene and his lack of any meaningful contribution to the Justice League in the titular film. However, thankfully (depending on your viewpoint), Reeve’s film is set to be completely separate from the rest of the DCEU, giving him a fresh canvas to work on.

Yet, if the aforementioned Batman Vs Superman and Justice League are anything to go by, DC has a lot to do to win back fans of the character after the mistakes of the last two films. But with Matt Reeves on DC’s utility belt, fans can hope that the Dark Knight will rise from the last two films and have these elements to support him…

10. A Return To Classic Bat-Morals

A long-standing staple of the Batman mythos was Bruce Wayne’s unwavering stance on murder after witnessing the death of his parents. Almost every version of Batman (excluding alternate universe ones) has stuck to the idea that no matter what his foes have done or how dangerous they are, that murder is not an option.

Anyone who has even the faintest idea of the character knows that these are fundamental ethics, that the character was founded on and in turn has gone on to teach other characters in the DC universe. The most recent version of Batman has taken several liberties with this key part of the Batman mythos, with Bruce nonchalantly massacring almost two dozen goons in Batman Vs Superman.

Hopefully, when Reeves brings his take on Bats to the big screen, he won’t be so bloodthirsty.

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