The Best Long Distance Hiking Trails In The US

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Hiking in the US has been around for generations, although distinguished hiking trails didn’t emerge until the turn of the 20th century. Today, with the rising popularity of hiking and fitness in the media, what was once a task left to the ‘fittest’ is now a trendy outdoor activity for all ages. From the Pacific Crest Trail in California to Vermont’s Long Trail, the US is teeming with trails traversing through the many unique landscapes that characterize the nation today: read on to discover the beauty of the eight best long-distance hiking trails in America.

1. John Muir Trail, California

The John Muir Trail, or JMT, is one of the most popular trails in America; discovered by 19th-century naturalist John Muir, the JMT covers 211 miles of terrain from Northern California‘s Yosemite National Park to Mount Whitney, the highest peak in mainland America. The JMT also has some of the most scenic views in the country, including the Sequoia National Park, Ansel Adams Wilderness, and Kings Canyon National Park; plus, this region has the best weather out of any other major mountain range in the world, making it an ideal trail for even the inexperienced. Peak season is July through September; though, keep in mind that permits are needed, so plan accordingly.

Pro tip: Hike the trail from north to south, ending your hike with the most rugged parts of the terrain at Mount Whitney.

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