The Best Parks & Trails to Hike in Georgia

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The southern Appalachians and Blue Ridge Mountains run through Northern Georgia, and there are an impressive number of waterfalls along accessible trails for all skill levels. There’s much more to the Peach State than just Atlanta, so get outside and see the wild natural beauty that surrounds it! These are a few of the best parks and trails to hike in Georgia.

When you think about top hiking destinations, the southern state of Georgia might not be the first place that comes to mind. Sure, there’s no towering mountains here and only a small stretch of land runs along the coast, but there is some hidden beauty here that Georgians have been keeping all to themselves

1. Red Top Mountain State Park

This state park is also close to Atlanta and the highlight for most visitors is Lake Altoona. After going for a hike here, spend some time swimming in the cove to cool off from the hot and muggy summer temperatures.

2. Sweetwater Creek State Park

If you’re traveling from Atlanta, like most visitors to the state are, the closest and best hiking area nearby is Sweetwater Creek State Park. It’s less than an hour’s drive from the city but feels like a world away. The trails run along the flowing creek, which is peaceful and perfect for sitting alongside to enjoy a picnic lunch. One of the most interesting things about hiking here is the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, which is fenced in for safety but can be easily viewed from the trails and learned about from the trail signs.

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