The More You Accept These 9 Things From Guys, The More They’ll Think They Can Get Away With Them

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We’re all human beings, bound to inevitably make some mistakes and hurt some feelings while we’re figuring out this whole life thing. Just remember this: being human and making mistakes doesn’t give a guy the lease to be a total jerk without consequence. Don’t accept the BS. If he’s a repeat offender of these bad behaviors, it’s time to GTFO.


Repeat after me: It’s not crazy to expect a text back from a guy you’re seeing. I don’t care if he’s not your boyfriend—if you guys are “hanging out” or bonking on the reg, dude can use ten seconds of his precious time to reply to your text message. If he’s repeatedly ignoring your texts and giving you the “I’m just really busy!” excuse, kick that loser to the curb.


I get it—life happens. I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t been known to cancel a plan or two myself. Having your car break down because you waited too long between oil changes is a real thing (ladies, change your oil). However, if a dude is constantly canceling plans with you, is he even worth it? I can’t hear you, but I’m hoping your answer is a resounding “hell, no.”

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