The Most Beautiful Hiking Trails in Egypt

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Every once in a while, you may feel the need to connect with yourself through contemplating nature’s wonders and tuning out from the city’s hustle and bustle. If you’re the type who enjoys adventure while exploring exotic nature, then an excellent way to do this is definitely via hiking. With all the wonders that Egypt holds, the country’s hiking trails are located in some of the most stunning areas, which are indeed worth visiting. Breathe in some fresh air and discover the most beautiful hiking trails in Egypt.

1. Mount Catherine trail, Sinai

One of the most popular hikes in Egypt, the Mount Catherine trail takes you through numerous mountains, natural pools and historic ruins. This hike offers adventurous souls the chance to camp in the midst of nature as it may take up to five days to complete – excluding climbing Mount Catherine, of course. Your trip should start in Egypt’s highest village, Saint Catherine, where you’ll take a six-kilometre hike to Naga Mountain, allowing you to enjoy the incredible scenery from this 1,830-metre peak. Afterwards, you’ll have 25 kilometres of hiking to do, where you will pass by blue natural pools amid mountains, the castle ruins of Abbas Basha at Mount Abbas and finally, end your hike at Saint Catherine’s Monastery, where you will be able to shop for authentic souvenirs.

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