Top 10 Fighters In Comics (Outside of Marvel And DC)

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9. Kabuki

David Mack’s comic book epic Kabuki has now spanned two decades and various companies. Kabuki is a codename of a Japanese assassin whose real name is Ukiko. Ukiko’s mother was a “comfort woman” as well as a stage performer who eventually became engaged to a World War II soldier known as the General. The General’s son Kai attacked and raped Ukiko’s mother the night before her marriage, during which he carved the word “Kabuki” into her back. The rape was Ukiko’s conception but the injuries eventually caused Ukiko’s mother’s death. When Ukiko was nine, Kai attacked Ukiko at her mother’s grave and carved “Kabuki” into Ukiko’s face, because apparently he had a thing for that. The General then trained Ukiko to be a master martial artist and assassin so she would never be defenseless again. Ukiko was raised to become a living weapon, wears a mask to cover her scars and took the name Kabuki as a code to reclaim the name as her own.

Kabuki is a member of a government backed league of female assassins called the Noh. She’s trained in a variety of forms of martial arts, as well as being skilled with handheld and short range weapons. Also, her mask makes her look pretty freaking cool.

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