Top 13 Reasons to Get Outdoors in North Florida

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North Florida is home to natural wonders that are great for outdoor adventures, where you’ll find some of Florida’s best-kept secrets nestled in under-the-radar destinations. Perfect for when you need to escape the bustle of the city, pack your bags for a pleasant day of hiking, swimming and kayaking in these untouched landscapes. From exploring natural springs and beautiful state parks to observing local wildlife, here are the best outdoor activities in North Florida.

1. Take a dip in Ginnie Springs (Nearby Hotels)

Ginnie Springs is home to some of the clearest springs in the state, which makes it a great place for you to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll find the pristine spring and lush foliage setting in High Springs are a great place to take the entire family, as its 72-degree temperature waters mean you can go snorkeling, tubing and diving throughout the year.

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