WARNING: These are the world’s most dangerous places for holidaying backpackers

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From the USA to Australia and India, these are the most dangerous spots to get hurt on holiday.

A study of 10 destinations and the medical treatment they provide has revealed where you need to be extra cautious as a tourist. And the results are surprising.

Healthcare insurer Bought By Many has ranked the countries according to their cost and quality of care if you sustain an injury while travelling there.

Coming in at the top of the list with a staggering average treatment cost of £1044 was the USA.

Second down the line was India, with a cost of £844 – that’s nine times the average weekly spend for a backpacker in that country.

Peru and Vietnam came next with £605 and £569 respectively, followed by Thailand on £385.

Costa Rica (£361), Nepal (£244) and Australia (£236) were towards the bottom of the list, with the cheapest two countries being New Zealand on £174 and Sri Lanka on £172.

New Zealand’s cost of treatment was just 30 per cent of the average weekly spend for a backpacker travelling around the island nation.

Though Sri Lanka came in just under New Zealand in price, it’s the Kiwis who offer the best value for money.

According to the World Health Origination, New Zealand’s quality of care is 41 out of 180, next to Australia with a score of 32 and Costa Rica with 36.

It comes as a recent study revealed one in three British holidaymakers are in the dark about the security of their savings when it comes to booking a getaway.

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